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Make relative date specification compatible with GDP options

Existing GDP users wishing to port GDP audit processes to GI are unable to do so because all relative date options available in scheduled reports are relative to the current execution time, and only LAST 3h, 24h, 7d, or 30d options are available.

GDP relative date syntax for QUERY_FROM_DATE and QUERY_TO_DATE is, in summary:




Additionally, QUERY_FROM_DATE can be set to be synchronized to the previous run (i.e. the QUERY_TO_DATE from the previous run), similar to existing functionality in GI, but still allowing the QUERY_TO_DATE to be specified as a relative date, not necessary the query run time like in the current implementation of GI.

Being able to "snap to" a day or hour boundary (like in splunk syntax) would be especially useful, given the standard 1h granularity of GDP data.

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  • Oct 10 2022
  • Is a defect

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