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Export reports as PDF

Both scheduled and online reports should have a PDF option. Not only is the PDF format friendlier and more acceptable than CSV in certain circles, but having PDF output is an existing feature that many GDP users would expect to have in GI, so existing audit processes that run in GDP can be ported to GI.

Minimum functionality expected by an existing GDP user would be:

  • for online reports: have an Export to PDF function, apart from the existing CSV export; GDP also has an Export to Printable HTML format, without paging, but I suppose the priority for this option would be lower than for PDF

  • for scheduled reports: apart from being able to export a CSV for each audit task, the entire audit process should also be

    • exportable as a single PDF

    • sendable via e-mail as a single PDF or a set of CSVs, or both

  • Guest
  • Oct 10 2022
  • Planned for future release

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