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Vulnerability Assessment test SQL issue.

Hi, I created a case, TS007345754 to describe the issue on vulnerability assessment test "Default Accounts Password Changed" for Oracle. The test SQLs cause hard parse on the DB. It needs to be optimized but R&D requests RFE to fix the issue. The issue is not about any report or result, the issue is about test SQLs designs. Guardium Central manager runs the SQLs without any bind variables and send the same SQLs to the DB again and again , instead of sending SQLs once, and change the variables to get the same result. In our case the SQL in the below is run 574 times in my test environment, to optimize it Guardium should send the SQL once and give the other values as variables. You can find all the SQL commands that CM runs on my test DB in the attachment, hardparse.xslx. SELECT FROM sys.user$ usr, dba_users acc WHERE = acc.username AND '#INTERNAL' AND usr.password = '87DADF******B777' AND acc.account_status in ('OPEN','EXPIRED')","1","0","","","" You can also use the document below to understand the difference between hard parse and soft parse and optimize the Guardium predefined VA SQLs to avoid hard parsing in the DBs. In our cases , DBAs complain about the "Default Accounts Password Changed" test but I belive there are more test SQLs that need to be optimized. Best Regards, Adem
  • Guest
  • Dec 2 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    28 Mar, 2022 02:52pm

    We are considering adding this support in a future release of Guardium Vulnerability Assessment. We will keep you posted.

    Thank you,

    Guardium Product Management Team

  • Admin
    8 Dec, 2021 02:49am

    Hello, thank you for submitting your request for enhancement for Guardium Data Protection. We are reviewing this request, we will get back to you with our findings.


    Data Security Product Management

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