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Performance enhancement between Central Manager and Managed Units for VA

Performance issue due to latency between Central Manager and Managed Unit. In the currecnt architecture Managed Unit is querying Central Manager for every single VA test per database. Instead of querying Central Manager for every single test we should be able to replicate or cache all test definitions into Managed Units.

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  • Nov 8 2022
  • Under review
  • Admin
    Michael Saldarriaga commented
    18 Jan 10:35pm

    Hi Jim and Manoj, thanks for submitting the idea. This submission tells us how to do something but not the "what" or "why." We need additional details to properly size and prioritize this request.

    • What is the problem that the client is trying to solve?

    • What is the targeted performance level or acceptable amount of latency?

    I have read the support ticket, but it does not specify the information above either. Looks like a lot of the problem definition occurred over webex, so will appreciate your insight here.

    Michael Saldarriaga
    Product Manager

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