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add ethtool command in cli

Ability from cli to find out which interface link is up. Currently we need to go in as root and run ethtool eth x to find out which link is up.

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PCI card replacement. On a physical appliance when there is some issue with the PCI card, tech may replace the card. This results in mac address change. If you have a client where they are not using eth 0 interface, say fiber connection' they need to remap the eth 0 interface mac address to the connected interface. In remote DC, hand eye resource is difficult to arrange to check the back of the box. having access to ethtool command from cli will allow Guardium admin to check which interface link is up, ie: ethtool eth1 and so on, and then if needed can remap eth 0 mac to the interface that is up.

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  • Aug 2 2019
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